10 Best Car Wash in Dubai at your Doorstep in 2022

Cars are no less than a family member for car lovers like us. And just like we all need to take care of our bodies by washing then regularly, cars also need all the love and care that comes with a good wash.  A car wash is important to keep the vehicle in good condition, not just by appearance but also by performance. So, in this article, you will come to know about some of the best Car wash in Dubai.

There are various kinds of contaminants, like tree sap, dirt, sand, pebbles, grime, air pollutants and deceased insects that stick to the body of the car, giving it an oiled and greasy look.

These are not only a challenge for the car’s appearance, but also impede the optimal functioning of the car.

As a result, if a car is not washed regularly and maintenance is not done well, a car is bound to succumb to the onslaught of natural and artificial factors that bring its health down.

Therefore, it is imperative for a car owner to take utmost care of one’s car and keep it fit for all weather and conditions.

If you live in Dubai, you must be already aware of how crucial car wash is for keeping your car swanky, up and running. There are high chances that you must be searching for the best car wash in Dubai.

If your answer is a loud ‘Yes’, then here we are to help you with selecting the best car wash in Dubai. Be it mobile car wash Dubai has to offer or car wash home service Dubai provides, our list will cover it all end to end.

Get ready to visit a few places for car wash in Dubai.

Orange Auto

Orange Auto: Car Wash In Dubai

For those car owners who want nothing less than the best car wash in Dubai and want to get the best and most experienced hands working on their cars, here is the place for you all.

At Orange Auto, it is only the people who have years of experience that touch your car and brings its performance to the optimal performance. Talk of any kind of car wash Dubai has to offer, and this place will amaze you with its services catalog.

One of the best car wash in Dubai and with consistent rating of 4.4 on Google, along with over 566 reviews, Orange Auto is one of the best mobile car wash Dubai can offer to you. So, if you are looking for manual wash, or automatic wash for your car, this is the place for you.

Steam wash is also quite affordable at this cheap wash Dubai prides itself for. Be it Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Nissan, Hyundai or Kia, Orange Auto has the perfect solution for all your demands of best car wash in Dubai.

With hands on experience of working on over 30 different brands of cars, your search for the best car wash in Dubai may end here. The customer centric team and the state-of-the-art facility will certainly impress you to the core.

VOne Car Wash

VOne Car Wash: Car Wash Dubai

For those living close to Umm Ramool in Dubai, our recommendations are not yet over. If you are still looking for the best car wash in Dubai, then we introduce to you the next one in our list.

VOne Car Wash offers a plethora of car care services, ranging from full body wash to a normal car wash, to even steam wash for your prized car. This is certainly one of the best carwash Dubai has to offer and its car wash services are second to none.

What makes it more trustworthy as a cheap car wash Dubai has is its assortment of exclusive motor car services. Moreover, with a 4.2 rating on Google reviews and with a total of 165 Google reviews, VOne car wash is certainly of the best options you can have for a cheap car wash in Dubai.

They give utmost attention to the needs of the customer and use high-quality products and cleaners, since your car deserves nothing less than the best. What makes it even better than the competing cheap car wash Dubai houses is the fact that its polish products and services are unmatchable.

For all the tech-savvy customers,

VOne also has a mobile app, using which you can simply choose your location from the map and book the right service that you need for your car, at a date and time of your convenience. Just drive your car at this mobile car wash Dubai houses and get your services done.

Started in 2015, VOne prides itself for being a specialist in the area of concentrated convenient cleaning that produces outstanding and mind-blowing results in terms of quality speed customer care and customer delight.

Keno Car Care

Keno Car Care

If you are a tech-savvy car driver who does not want to venture outside for getting car cleaned, then here is a perfect solution for car wash home service Dubai has to offer. Keno Car Care offers car wash services at any location in Dubai just with a click.

If you want their services, just download their app, enter the convenient date & location, and make your booking. The highly qualified car wash workers will arrive at your location to pick up your car at the designated time and will provide all the services that only the best car wash in Dubai can offer.

If you are also looking for the best car wash Dubai has to offer, then Keno Car Care is your perfect place to go as their price range starts from AED 40. Talking about ratings, Keno Car Care is one of the best car wash with 4.2 rating across over 1000 Google reviews. 

This is one of the best car wash in Dubai can provide to you, especially because of its range of services, customer service quality and the ease of booking car wash services on the app.

Located in Al Quoz region of Dubai, Keno is the number one car wash app in the United Arab Emirates. The company also prides itself for its eco-friendly car wash solutions delivered at your doorstep in a single click of a button. Be it maintenance or detailing work, Keno Car Care has beaten other mobile car wash in Dubai by making all its charges transparent on the website.

The company has been covered in media several times and its testimonials speak for its credentials & quality of service.

Grand Service Station

Grand Service Station: best car wash in dubai

For selecting a cheap car wash, Dubai gives several options. One of the best options for the car wash in Dubai is Grand Service Station, also known as GS Station, which provides car wash services at incredibly cheap prices in Dubai.

If you are a car owner who wants to save money on the best car wash in Dubai, then head over to Grand Service Station. You will be offered all the services in a wide range of packages. At this cheap car wash Dubai has, price range for services start from AED 45, which includes car interior cleaning, a super wash and some other necessary services.

More than 271 positive reviews on Google together, leading to an overall 4.3 rating make Grand Service Station one of the best mobile car wash Dubai has to provide. It is located in Bur Dubai region and provides top quality professional car wash services, car detailing and car maintenance services.

Its premium services include ceramic interior cleaning and nano ceramic exterior cleaning with window tinting and frame protection. If you are looking for rust proofing services and exterior detailing, again this is the place to visit today. From Nissan to BMW to Bentley, the GS Station holds brand expertise for a wide variety of brands. 

Auto Rent Car Service (ARCS)

Auto Rent Car Service (ARCS)

People who travel a lot, look forward to car wash services in Dubai, the capital region of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain localities. One of the best carwash in Dubai that provides services in all these locations is Auto Rent Car Service.

In case you need services like the best car wash in Dubai, interior detailing, air conditioning optimization, tire replacement, repair of the engines, and another miscellaneous service, while on the go, then Auto Rent Car Service is definitely going to be the best car wash in Dubai.

This cheap car wash Dubai houses offers a range of packages for free car wash and car checkup as well. The professionalism and expertise that Auto Rent Car Service has shown over the years has got it an average of 3.2 rating on Google reviews.

The car wash also uses unique technology to send real-time service updates to the customers, along with inspection pictures & informative videos on car repair, which helps to build trust with the customers and also provides transparency in the services.

This is one of the best car wash in Dubai because professionals at this center quickly communicate any new problem that they spot in the car, so that the car owners can make informed decisions in real time. As a customer, you do not need to keep standing idle at the car wash, since they will send you an update when your car is ready to hit the road.

With the use of a simplistic and minimalistic mobile app, Auto Rent Car Service provides convenience and flexibility to the customers.With experience of working on more than 16 brands of cars, Auto Rent Car Service is the best car wash in Dubai, for those who look for quality prices and trust in a car wash center.


Autoprobest: car wash in dubai

To all the pro-wash service lovers, here’s your best car wash in Dubai that can beat any other cheap car wash Dubai has to offer. Pro wash includes services like engine wash, along with exterior body wash using manual or automated mechanism, as per the choice of the customer.

If you want an Xtreme mobile car wash, Dubai won’t disappoint you again. Autopro has services for Xtreme wash as well, which includes interior and exterior car wash, along with a magnificent polish. It is not easy for even the best car wash in Dubai to get a 4.0 rating on Google reviews like Autopro has, with over 115 review comments from happy customers.

Autopro also boasts of 20% off on AC gas filling and 10% off on air conditioner filter replacement. You don’t need to keep searching for this best mobile car wash Dubai houses, since it is available at 40 locations across UAE. With state-of-the-art facilities, a highly professional workforce and the best tools in its arsenal, Autopro is one of the best cheap car wash Dubai can offer to you.

It has 1500 front line staff and serves 2 million customers every year. Compliant with international quality standards, its operations and services are top notch and will certainly be a delight for your car. 

Al Quoz Car Wash

Al Quoz Car Wash 

There are many car wash centers that call themselves the best car wash in Dubai. However, most of them don’t know how to handle lubricants on car paint, which leads to abrasion and spoiling of car paint, ultimately leading to a burden of customer’s wallet to get the paint rectified.

Therefore, Al Quoz Car Wash has all the right reasons to boast about being the best cheap car wash Dubai can offer to anyone. With years of experience under their belt, Al Quoz Car Wash is an expert at choosing and using the right lubricants that don’t disturb the exterior beauty of your car.

After all, what’s the point of car wash if it turns your car ugly? 

With their prices starting from AED 35, you can bet that it is the best cheap car wash Dubai has and one of the best mobile car wash Dubai prides itself for. A rating 4.2 across 177 reviews on Google is something phenomenal for even the best car wash in Dubai.

No wonder, this car wash has all the services that a customer can ask for and provides holistic care for your car, regardless of brand and size. 

Das Center

Das Center: cheap car wash in dubai

Deutsches Auto Service Center, also called DAS Center, is a name you cannot skip from the list of the best car wash in Dubai. If you own a top brand car, then don’t look anywhere else, but just head straight to Das Center without second thoughts.

This is the place where your car will get the best treatment it can ever get in any of the other cheap car wash Dubai has. Trusted by thousands of customers over the years, the Das Center continues to be a symbol of quality, professionalism, and authority when it comes to the best mobile car wash Dubai residents look for. This is the best place for any luxury car wash in Dubai.

Pit Stop Arabia

Pit Stop Arabia

Car wash is often accompanied with a range of other services, like car detailing, engine repair, and polishing, along with tire replacement.

If you are looking for the best car wash in Dubai that combines all the services under one roof, Pit Stop Arabia is your place to be, since it provides the most exceptional cheap car wash Dubai can ever provide to you.

The expert mechanics take care of each and every need of your car and put their 100% effort in driving customer happiness. Be it any point of day or evening, you can head over to this place and get a wonderful car wash in Dubai. 



Certified technicians, state-of-the-art infrastructure and years of experience – all under one roof. ZDegree is a complete package of the best of services that only the best car wash in Dubai can provide. Come over to ZDegree and experience the difference of quality in their work ethics and turnaround time by yourself. Your car deserves nothing less than the best, and this car wash in Dubai lives by that principle. 


Finding the best car wash in Dubai can become a strenuous task if you don’t know what to look for in a car wash. There are many cheap car washes Dubai has where your car will not receive the best of services and care.

That’s why it is imperative for you to be the best caretaker of your car and hand it over to only those professionals, who care about vehicles as much as you do.

We hope our list of the top 10 best car wash in Dubai will be immensely valuable to you and will help you narrow down your choice for the next car wash center you will head over to while in the majestic city of Dubai. 

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