10 Outfits With Baggy Jeans That Will Convince You On Them

In the running tally of ubiquitous trends this year, you might as well place baggy denim at the very top. While three-piece suits and cargo pants certainly have their respective spots on the most talked-about trends of 2021, baggy denim arguably trumped them all. With a little help from the current wave of 90’s nostalgia and the widespread embrace of low-key dressing, loose cuts have become so pervasive it’s almost impossible not to spot it everywhere you turn. When it’s a staple this repeated, that’s usually a good clue it’s at least worth trying for yourself. 

Whether you’re a faithful adherent of all things baggy or are simply in the mood to try out an insider favorite, consider this your guide to mastering the trend. From outfits made up of the basics to more experimental takes, I’ve assembled 11 different ways to showcase fashion’s most beloved staple of 2021. Keep scrolling to see them all.

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