16 Wedding Dress Designers Every It Girl Knows About

There’s a commonly held belief that every girl dreams of her wedding day—fantasies surrounding flowers, food, family, and finding that forever love are a “given.” But not every woman can relate to the sentiment. I sure don’t. The first time a friend asked me to guess what kind of wedding dress I’d want to wear (despite there being no diamond in sight), I was sent into an existential crisis. How am I supposed to know what type of wedding dress I want to wear? Do I buy an affordable gown, or do I splurge? Should I think about trends or skip them altogether? These are all questions that plagued me and, I assume, plague any bride-to-be when it comes to discerning what wedding dress is worth buying. 

Finding that perfect wedding dress can be as hard as finding someone special. Add on top of that the stress and high costs of planning a wedding in general. I have yet to personally experience that process yet, but as a fashion editor, I can say there’s a sense of joy to be found in learning about wedding dress designers. From legendary designers to rising stars, so many incredible creatives are making the prospect of planning that big day all the more exciting. So in that vein, I’ve done some research to identify the 16 wedding dress designers beloved by the fashion set right now. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or are just curious, these designers need to be on your radar. 

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