30 Fall Essentials a Fashion Editor Is Already Shopping For

I’ve always been a planner, often thinking weeks ahead about even the most inconsequential of decisions. Like the industry I work in, where everything has a six-month lead time, I thrive when I can plan for things in advance. So naturally, as I watched designers debut their fall/winter collections back in February, the gears in my brain were already turning, planning which items would become essentials in my wardrobe when the season actually arrived.

With fall now on the horizon, I’m stress-free, as I’ve already made all the hard sartorial decisions that come with the arrival of a new season. From new-and-improved basics like the white tank top; simple, luxurious knits to be worn tied around the waist (the latest, chicest styling hack); and slouchy denim to of-the-moment items that will dominate the trends of the season, my fall wardrobe is planned down to a T. Now, all I have to do is start shopping for it. Below, see which pieces will be making the biggest impact on my wardrobe once autumn makes an appearance.

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