9 Cool Ways to Wear Maxi Skirts and Dresses This Winter

My only reservation when it comes to skirts is their comfort factor, period. A tomboy at heart, I highly value the ability to do anything in my clothes and am known to give up entire categories that don’t allow me to do that. Cough, heels, cough. Recently, however, I encountered a skirt trend that provides all the comfort I desire without sacrificing style. This skirt trend may have even transformed my relationship with skirts overall—meet the maxi skirt. While the style has had its moments in grunge and hippy movements of yore, it was never quite as alluring to me as it is in 2021. 

Among the freshest takes on the maxi in 2021 are knitted styles, preppy pleats, and patterned A-line skirts that bring levity to a traditionally conservative silhouette. This skirt can be styled for formal events and casual ones alike, and could quite possibly be even more comfortable than jeans. 

Ahead, meet the 10 maxi-skirt outfits that will change your perspective toward the style forever.

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