Automotive precision 0402, 0603 and 0805 surface mount resistors

MCS 0402 AT, MCT 0603 AT and MCU 0805 AT offer values from 47Ω to 1 MΩ, 2MΩ and 7.5MΩ respectively. “They join the previously enhanced MCA 1206 AT, which offers resistance up to 10MΩ,” according to the company. “The devices released today are designed to deliver stable performance under harsh environmental conditions in automotive, industrial, medical and telecommunications equipment.”

Parts offer operation up to between 50 and 200V across -55 to +155°C, with power ratings from 100 to 400mW at +70 °C ambient temperature. They operate over a temperature range.

The devices are AEC-Q200 qualified, RoHS-compliant and sulphur resistance is in accordance with ASTM B 809.

Typical applications will include dc-dc converters, dc-linking and voltage dividers for battery management systems, on-board and on-wall chargers, power inverters, e-compressors and transimpedance amplifier networks.

Part number MCS 0402 AT MCT 0603 AT MCU 0805 AT MCA 1206 AT
Case size 0402 0603 0805 1206
Resistance range (Ω) 47 to 1M 47 to 2M 47 to 7.5M 47 to 10M
Resistance tolerance ±0.1%
Temp. coefficient ±25 ±15 ±10 ±25 ±15 ±10 ±5 ±25 ±15 ±10ppm/K
Rated dissipation P70 100mW 125 200 400
Operating voltage 50 75 150 200V
Operating range -55 to +155°C
Thermal resistance 90 63 38 32K/W

Samples and production quantities of the enhanced resistors are available now.

The product page can be found here

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