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If your Baby is falling from Bed many times, it can be scary for Parents. Newborn Babies are at less risk of falling from bed, as they even can move themselves. When your baby is around 3 months old, he or she will start learning how to roll from one side to another. Still, the risk is less, but once your baby learns how to walk, the chances of falling increase whether it’s from bed or anywhere else.

Generally, it has been noticed that Toddlers are at higher risk of falling from bed and getting injured. Some of the kids have made the record of falling at least 10 to 12 times during their childhood. First, let’s discuss how to prevent your baby and toddler from Bed Falling Issue.

baby falling

  • Change your Bed Location; get your bed attached to one corner of the wall.

  • Keep the mattress below the bed at every open site (Small size mattress will work).

  • Make it sure that you stock up cushions and pillows around him and put him at the corner of the bed which should be attached to the wall.

  • Never leave your child alone in the bedroom.

  • In case, you don’t have any other option but to leave him alone. Then put your baby on floor mattress in front of you. Baby will be happy to roam around and you can keep an eye on him.

  • Don’t keep the hard material around the bed.

  • Teach your baby how to come down from bed from holding the bed sheet. You can take her favorite doll or toys and show the process.

  • Be careful when you’re playing the baby on bed, don’t tell him to jump and come towards you.

  • Remove the Chairs and Table which can cause injure, in case the baby fall down.

  • Always keep the medical kit ready for any kind of emergency.


Baby Failing

  • If the Baby fallen on its head = Calm the baby first and then check the baby head, and look for any kind of bleeding and lumps on the head.

  • Observe your baby 24 hours activity

  • Check whether your child is conscious or Unconscious.

  • No swelling should be on Head as well as back.

  • Keep an eye on your child daily activity.

  • Look out for warning signs like Vomiting, Crying too much, Broken bone.

  • Check his breathing pattern

  • Call your Doctor (Pediatrician), in case of any emergency.


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