Intel 12th Gen CPUs: Everything you need to know

At Intel’s October 2021 Innovation event,  the company revealed new information about Intel12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs for desktops and at CES 2022 it debuted the 12th Gen laptop CPUs. Using Intel’s new 7-nanometer process, these are also the first Intel processors to feature a hybrid design of performance-based and efficiency-based cores, similar to what we’ve seen from AMD and Apple’s processors in recent years. 

In the CPU arms race, Intel is betting the next steps will be more about how intelligently the processor can assign its workloads rather than raw power to get to the next generation of performance.

Alder Lake 12th Gen overview

The Alder Lake Core series comes in the by-now-familiar breakdown of Core i9, i7, i5 and i3 groupings, which denote performance and core count. There’s also the product line suffix indicated by the letter at the end of the name: H, P or U, going in order of performance from highest to lowest. Lower performance U-series CPUs will be found in ultra-thin and fanless laptops while the H-series will be seen in the highest performing laptops of the current generation. P-Series chips will be found in performance-focused lightweight laptops that offer a balance between the H-Series and U-Series.

(Image credit: Intel)

i9 processors will come with 14 total cores, 6 “P-Cores” and 8 “E-Cores.” The i7’s will range between 14 and 10 cores depending on the model, i5’s will range between 12 and 10 cores and i3’s will range between 10 and 6 total cores.

Alder Lake hybrid design: what it means for laptops and power draw

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