MAX77540 Step-down converter boasts 94 % peak efficiency

The MAX77540 from Maxim Integrated is a high-efficiency step-down converter with two 3 A switching phases.

It uses an adaptive COT (constant on-time) current-mode control architecture, and the two 3 A switching phases can be configured as either one (2Φ, 6 A) or two (1Φ, 3 A each) outputs. Its wide input voltage range enables a direct conversion for sub-1 V outputs from 3-cell Li+ batteries, USB PD, and 12 VDC supply rails.

The output voltages are preset with resistors and are further adjustable through an I2C-compatible interface.

With 94% peak efficiency, low quiescent current, and compact solution size, the MAX77540 is ideal for battery-powered, space-constrained equipment.

Features include 4 V to 16 V input voltage for single-stage conversion and less than 55 mm2 total solution size for high power density.

Applications cover consumer, industrial automation, communications, building and infrastructure, and healthcare

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