The 16 Best Sunscreens for Rosacea, According to a Derm

So we’re all in agreement that sunscreen is a crucial skincare step. But we’re also all human, and sometimes, you might forget to apply it. Or you might skip over some body parts when you’re in a rush. I like to consider myself pretty diligent about applying sunscreen every day, but last summer, I spent a day by the pool and thought I had gotten every nook and cranny of my body, only to find my shoulders sunburned at the end of the day. It happened months ago, and I’m still feeling much guilt about it.

One mistake that can lead us to forget? It might be that you don’t have a sunscreen that you’re comfortable wearing, that’s easy to use, or that works with your skin. Making sure you have a sunscreen that you actually like wearing makes a big difference—and that comes down to personal preference sometimes. “Many people find it easier to have a product that contains their daily moisturizer as well, as that removes one additional step from their morning regimen,” Cohen says. “Conversely, many people with oily skin want a product that does not add emollience or moisture to their skin. Cosmetic elegance is critically important, as patients will not use their SPF every morning if it is thick or uncomfortable on the skin.”

This can be especially true if you have a skin condition that might make things irritated or uncomfortable, like eczema, acne-prone skin, or rosacea. If you have a sunscreen product that annoys your skin even more, you might dread wearing it.

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