The 2022 Trends a Former Nordstrom Buyer Will and Won’t Try

There’s something about the start of a new year that prompts the desire to refresh that wardrobe. For Susie Wright, that starts with a closet clean-out to ultimately uncover new trends to mix into her rotation. Given that we turn to Wright on the regular for style advice given her fashion experience as a former Nordstrom buyer and current stylist and blogger with So Susie, we wanted to inquire about the 2022 trends she’s eager to try. On the flip side, we also wanted to know about the pieces she’s not as into because they don’t quite work with her current style. Of course, remember that it’s all based on preference, and you should always wear what you personally love.

Below you’ll uncover the trends Wright is loving and not as into. There’s everything from of-the-moment tailoring finds to chic footwear silhouettes. Who knows? Perhaps the list below will spark some inspiration for your wardrobe this year. Keep scrolling for more, along with visual inspiration and shopping picks.

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