The 6 Modest Outfit Ideas I Always Rely On

I don’t think I need to give an explanation on my relationship with modest dressing, as I’ve written about it a lot over here on Who What Wear. But as much as I love experimenting with new trends or learning new styling tricks to show you, there are a few classic outfit formulas that I always rely on. While it’s fun to play dress-up in your own closet, sometimes it’s 15 minutes till you have to leave and you just need to do what’s easiest yet chicest for you. That’s where my go-to looks come in.

To prove I actually do rely on these formulas (journalistic integrity!), I’ve added photos of me wearing each not once, but twice. (Side note: I’m sure there are many other times I’ve sported each look but didn’t have the grace that day to shoot for the ‘gram.) Once you have these formulas set in your mind, it’ll be easy for you to get dressed quickly. Trust me, as I’m not a morning person. I’ve even shopped out similar options for you if you’re feeling inspired to add something new to your closet this season.

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