The best Acer laptops in 2022

The best Acer laptops hold true to the Taiwanese manufacturer’s reputation for delivering quality devices at affordable prices. This practice has earned the tech giant a great deal of favor with budget-conscious consumers the world over looking to make every cent count. And, while these lower prices would scare most into thinking they had the thermal output of a Harrier Jump Jet, Acer has proven themselves more than capable of producing competitively priced hardware that consumers can rely on.

Acer offers an impressive selection of laptops, from lightweight Chromebooks to beefy, creator-class laptops. There’s a real mixed bag to delve into here, which means there’s something in their catalog for everyone. However, if you’re tied to no particular brand, you can always check out our shortlist of the best laptops available. If you have a budget in mind, there’s also our selection of the best laptops under $1,000, and if your budget is really tight there’s always the best laptops under $500, too.

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