Toshiba opens high-voltage laboratory in Germany

“In line with the company’s shift in focus towards more power-related products, Toshiba invested this year in infrastructure and equipment such as high voltage power sources, loads and measuring equipment,” said Toshiba,

The lab will will support European customers, particularly for silicon carbide and gallium nitride technologies used in, for example, power factor correction, inverters and electric vehicle charging.

It can test and measure up to 1,500Vdc and 1,000Vac, and is compliant with German regulations such as VDE0100.

As well as power transistors, it will handle reference design and other components including digital isolators, gate drivers, opto-couplers and opto-relays.

“The decision to invest comes as a result of an increase in the diversity of applications our products are specified for, and application-related questions from customers,” said Toshiba Europe general manager Armin Derpmanns.

Photo: Toshiba Duesseldorf, where the lab is based

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