What caught your eye this week? (Node race, Rotary encoder, FORUM satellite)

David Manners, components editor

It’s the oldest race in the industry – the race to a new node

Steve Bush, technology editor

Microchip BNL bearkings KoD knob 518What a lovely idea for a human-machine interface component – a dumb mechanical rotary encoder knob that simply glues to the front glass of a touch display. All the smarts are in the touch controller.

Alun Williams, Web editor

The European Space Agency awards a contract to Airbus in the UK to build the Earth Explorer FORUM satellite, due to launch in 2027.

Around the web…

  • Redwire has successfully delivered the second pair of International Space Station Roll-Out Solar Arrays (iROSA) to Boeing, NASA’s prime contractor for space station operations.
  • Two Aeronautical Heritage Awards unveiled at BAE Systems’ Lancashire sites.
  • NASA announcing Artemis Concept Awards for Nuclear Power on the Moon…

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